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Amerikhana was created in 2009 and has been established because of our love of horses. When our former club RBHI was about to close due to retirement, four families stepped up to make sure that our children and grandchildren will be able to be part of all of the fun and excitement. We changed the name to reflect the times and to start fresh. We are a board of heart and are running this club with the best intentions for our immediate family and our barrel racing family. Our members are considered the most important part of our club. We are a nonprofit so we donate our time and effort for them! We love that our members’ input will lead us and that we are family oriented!

End of Year Points

2013 Amerikhana Banquet
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March 1, 2014
6:00pm to 11:00pm

Amerikhana Mission Statement
The purpose of Amerikhana is to promote the sport of gymkhana (games on horseback ) and to support its growth by increasing the number of participants and to improve the quality of shows for both beginning and veteran contestants alike.

Sign up begins at 9:00am      Show starts at 10:00 am               
Qualifiers run first

                 Entry fees:      
                 Member:                 Acash $20.00           Ribbons $25.00
                 Non-Member:         Acash $25.00            Ribbons $30.00

  • You can earn a $5 coupon for Champion of the day instead of a trophy.
  • You can earn a $2 coupon for Reserve Champion instead of a ribbon.
  • We will keep track of your A-Cash. You can use your A-Cash toward shows, merchandise, and the end of year banquet.
  • We have exhibition runs for every event. The cost is $2 for anyone already riding in the show and $5 for everyone else. We wanted to give our members and the horse riding a community the opportunity to do a couple of Texas runs to get ready for NBHA or State Competitions.

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